This web site is new. Although I have tried to verify that everything is correct and operating as I intend it to please be understanding . If you do find any glitches and feel that you could let me know then please use the "contact" button in the navigation bar at the top of the page and I will be grateful for your help.

I am retired now and an enthusiastic photographer. Formerly, I focussed upon landscape and nature,  but the early hours and heavy kit bags are making this increasingly difficult. My Nikon kit has been replaced by smaller and lighter Fuji X equipment and I am focussing more on documentary photography and travel and portraits. I like to create a set of images to tell a story.

So much documentary photography focusses on the horrors that humanity can create. And although this is hugely important and must continue I want to concentrate on the wonders of creation open  to us all and on the issues arising from humanities creativity.

Primarily I do this for myself but I have sold a few images and if you see any that interest you then please use the contact form to let me know. Soon I am exhibiting in a show entitled "Coast" which is on in King John’s House, Romsey from 22 until 27 August.

Keith Bamber