Mountbatten School Jazz Orchestra

Always a delight to listen to, the Jazz Orchestra of the Mountbatten Academy, played in the Memorial Park in Romsey during the Romsey Carnival. The standard of the Orchestra is such that it has played in the Lucerne and Montreux jazz festivals. They played to a large crowd on a beautiful afternoon. Then i spotted the opportunity to play with the Tuba and I think this is probably the best image resulting, as i wanted the player to be visible amd recognisable.

Mountbatten Academy Jazz Orchestra

Mountbatten Academy Jazz Orchestra

August already.

Well the year is moving very fast. Even our flora and fauna seem to agree. I like this image which shows beautiful, colourful blooms surrounding the spherical buds of yet more new life.


Oxford Gaudy

Visiting my old college, Pembroke, for talk, chapel, dinner in Hall and gossip and sleep.

The next morning I walked around a very busy Oxford but under a bright blue sky. Many buildings looked superb and I had many views that I had not experienced before. This is a view of the Clarenden Building and Old Bodleian prior to a well earned rest and coffee in the new Bodleian. There are other images. Perhaps I will create an essay. Watch this space.


I don't have to go to Hillier's.

When we moved to Romsey from Ampfield 18 years ago we planted a clematis in our new, much smaller, garden. It had never produced much by way of flowers, preferring to tangle itself with adjacent plants and thus spreading over a large area of garden. This year though, it flowered and it did so profusely. So just one flower from many to introduce June. I shall try to produce more variety in the second 6 months of the year.

Clematis in our garden!

Clematis in our garden!

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

A few weeks ago I learned that the World’s largest cruise liner was paying a courtesy call to Southampton. Bellissima, a ship from the Italian Line MSC. I decided to pay it a visit, as in a few days it was due to sail to the Mediterranean to begin service there, and was unlikely to ever be in Southampton again. I arrived with great anticipation and joined a handful of other people looking at it. I have to say it was very large but as to the Bellissima of its name there was little evidence. It was by far the ugliest ship I had ever set eyes upon. Having rather sheepishly remarked so to the woman beside me I was relieved when she agreed with me. So my overwhelming impression was of a huge block of very small apartments,

I will leave you to make up your own minds and I will keep my eyes open for a chance to catch a traditional and beautiful cruise liner.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima

The Solent from Lepe Beach

A recent trip to Lepe beach on a very nice day. This “contra jour” image has a very threatening feel. I don’t normally do much image processing but this time I gave this image a nudge in a threatening direction. Being taken against the light helped and i have seen the Solent like this but not on the day this was taken.

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February 2019

Already mid- February; late as usual, but i have been somewhat distracted, as my wonderful little sister died just before Christmas and the funeral didnt take place till well into January. I thought that this might be the most appropriate image that iIcould offer. It was taken, as many of my images are, in Hilliers Arboretum in Ampfield, Hants. It was taken at the beginning of Autumn. I am not sure whether it does the scene enough justice but the reflection and the colours were truly maganificent. I hope that you like it amd it conveys some of the peace that i found in it.

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Good Bye 2018

This shot is taken in Bell Street Romsey on the evening of the Lantern Parade. Once again organisations and schools had worked hard to create magnificent lanterns. This one took my eye. It was passing the Christmas displays in the window of Bradbeers. I chose to keep the lantern bearers in sihouette and the rest of the image dark except for the lantern and shop windows.

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Approaching Christmas

This image is one which I took on the dining room table. I had been trying to find an image i was happy with for Christmas but failing miserably. So I created one. This is the image used for our Christmas Card this year so if you dont receive a card from us the image is here.

11_Christmas Card 2018_015 1.jpg

Autumn in Romsey

On my way back from a meeting in the town I chose to walk via Abbey Water. This is of the many tribulets of the River Test as it skirts the town. The view into the water was beautiful and the Autumnal colours almost qualified as spectacular. Who needs to seek out a national arboretum when I can find scenes such as these just 3 minutes walk from my home. I hope that I have done the colours justice.

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Romsey Show

Recently managed a couple of hours at the Romsey Show. Starting early meant that the animals were definately centre stage but the “Ladies Cart” provided some human interest and appeared to me very suggestive of the calm and peace of a hot English Summer morning.

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